Putt Your Way to the Bank!

In 1995 Ben Crenshaw won his second Masters!  Shortly after that win, we had the pleasure to follow him around the incredible Pine Valley Golf Course.  What a pleasure to watch a revered player take on a great course.  Ben Crenshaw was and still is a player.  What we marveled at more than his ball […]

Grip It – Then we Rip It!

Just finished watching Bagger Vance, a nice romantic golf story.  Bagger and Jonuh finally get it together.  They spend a fair amount of dialogue dealing with the grip.  It becomes a symbol for the way one lives.  Don’t now about that.  The grip is at the core of every golf shot.  It all starts with […]

Bunker Me Baby!

An old lady golfer friend of mine used to say “I love to be bunkered!”  It took me a while to understand all that she meant.  Partly it was her comfort with sand play and partly it was that she liked to play in the sand! Being bunkered used to be a severe penalty.  We […]

Balance Always!

Golf is a game of balance.  It is part of the beauty and elegance of the game.  Every golfer can find balance.  Every golf shot requires balance.  The golf course is not always flat.  And, even the greatest golfers in the world get awkward lies.  You’ve seen that happen.  You have also seen how they […]