Balance Always!

Golf is a game of balance.  It is part of the beauty and elegance of the game.  Every golfer can find balance.  Every golf shot requires balance.  The golf course is not always flat.  And, even the greatest golfers in the world get awkward lies.  You’ve seen that happen.  You have also seen how they take painstaking care to create the correct balance before they strike that awkward shot.  They shift, adjust and reposition their legs to gain the most balanced stance available.  Achieving balance is essential to your swing and improvement.

Got an elevated lie?  On the upside or downside of a hill?  Standing on a creek bed?  How about on the downside of a bunker?  Oh yes, what about that popular side hill lie.  You know, when your feet are either above or below the ball.  Ugh!

One thing is for sure.  When you get to your ball, you need to establish a balanced position before you make any final club selections.  Sometimes these awkward lies can work to our favor, but only if we accomplish balance.

When a golfer is balanced, the midsection is balanced.  If the midsection is balanced, everything else will be balanced.  Don’t just get your feet feeling balanced, or your legs or your shoulders.  Get everything in a position where the midsection stays balanced due to the positioning of your other parts.

Be very careful of the upper body.  When we struggle with balance, we tend to rely on our upper body to compensate for our lack of balance.  This tendency damages many components of the proper swing.  If our midsection is secure, we can make our move and finish our swing.

Sometimes we have to open our stance, close our stance, move the ball forward or back in our stance.  That’s just the way it is.  Let your abdomen be your guide.  Get your comfortable position and take a slow practice swing, feeling the movement in your midsection.  If the midsection is facilitating the swing, you are balanced.  If the midsection is fighting the swing, start over.  Okay, got that slow swing balance?  Good.  Let’s try a little faster.  Got it?  Okay.  Once comfortable, make sure you can accelerate the club.  Now, you are ready.

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