Grip It – Then we Rip It!

Just finished watching Bagger Vance, a nice romantic golf story.  Bagger and Jonuh finally get it together.  They spend a fair amount of dialogue dealing with the grip.  It becomes a symbol for the way one lives.  Don’t now about that.  The grip is at the core of every golf shot.  It all starts with your grip.

The grip is a personal thing.  Just look at your foursome.  You might see players with similar grips, because there are three basic grips to choose from, but my guess is that no two of those grips are identical.  We don’t subscribe to the theory that one grip is better than another.  We believe the grip is an individual choice and subject to some minor alterations.

The most conventional grip is the overlapping grip, with the player’s little finger of the bottom hand resting between the forefinger and middle finger of the upper hand.  Your local pro may tell you that when you look down at your grip, he wants you to see two knuckles on each hand.

The interlocking grip lays the upper hand forefinger between the little finger and the ring finger of the lower hand.  This was the grip of choice for Gene Sarazen.

The baseball or two-handed grip also has subscribers.  It packs some punch.  Long ball hitters like this grip.

All these grips have a few things in common.  Slight adjustments should not deviate from the basics.  Let your fingers do the talking.  Hold the club firmly but easily with the fingers.  Do not hold the club in your palms, a common error.  Not too loose, not too tight.  Feel the club with your fingers.

Slight adjustments to you grip will result in flight alteration, a hook or a fade.  At this point, pass on that strategy.  We want a grip that will get us off the tee, down the fairway and straight ahead.  Grip it right, we’ll start moving the ball soon!

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